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A startup offering business services to the  construction sector, The LD Group were embarking on an ambitious journey to become an administrative backbone to busy builders and developers – providing procurement, payroll, labour and financing packages.


In an already crowded field, they needed a memorable yet traditional visual identity and a website to introduce their offering, sell their services and build a solid client base. We began with the foundation, defining the essential company qualities as professionalism and reliability.



The logo needed to suggest construction, appeal to administrators and pack a professional punch. So next came assembling the visual building blocks to communicate the brand assets:

  • the circle signifying movement, continuity and also enclosure
  • the acute angle suggesting growth and development
  • the rectangle (bar graph?) representing buildings themselves


Initial sketches for the logo explored the utilisation of the letters ‘L’ and ‘D’ as ascending buildings, connecting to each other and to the circle to create a single logomark.


The colour palette started with dark blue to convey depth, expertise and stability. Complementary lighter sky tones were added and a contrasting accent of warm red to signal strength.


The first digital version of the logomark kept the style flat and simple, but trusting colour to communicate both buildings and letterforms wasn’t enough. Using two tones and a gradient gave more movement and helped the letters stand out, but it still lacked the idea of growth.


The answer was adding white divisions to segment the circle. This empahsised the angle, delineated the letters and kept the eye moving round the circle.

For consistency across media I used Lato as the typeface, also available as a Google font. Clean and contemporary without feeling too formal, the semi-rounded letters have a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability, all with a lightness borne out by the meaning of the word ‘Lato’ in the font designer’s native Polish: Summer. A blue gradient in the letters brightens vertically like an early summer sunsrise.


The idea of the ascending buildings features as a motif on business cards and office stationery. Creating a set of PowerPoint templates allowed for further exploration with significant scope for content placement. A large scale glass window sticker was also commissioned for the office.




For their online presence, The LD Group needed to establish a simple and direct look and feel to attract new clients. I created a one-page website using WordPress, which offers an easy interface for in-house maintenance and options for further development.

A second phase will grow the site into a trusty recruitment resource for uploading CVs and downloading payroll documents.


The site starts with a colourful abstract cityscape, a strong and striking image that sums up their approachable style.

Taking a cue from key words in their copy, I was able to weave the brand assets into a strapline and company statement

Taking Care of Construction

comprehensive solutions
that take care of business
so you can take care of building

and select photos to illustrate the four groups of services provided.

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